Hiker crossing Stormwater Bridge
  Laurel Woods Trail (0.9 miles) - Completed September 2009. A beautiful walking loop with over 200 feet of total climbing and descending. The western half of the trail winds through the mature forest east of Penn Green Road with views of the White Clay Creek. Near the southern end, the path cuts through a rare patch of Mountain Laurels, the Pennsylvania State flower. It emerges at the top edge of the abandoned Pomeroy and Newark Railroad cut through the rocky hillside. An interpretive sign provides information about the area's significance. Much of the eastern portion of the loop follows the early 19th Century road into Landenberg and an old logging road from the mid-20th Century. The path is mostly packed dirt with sections of wood chips and includes multiple sets of stairs and bridges, one of which is over 35 feet long and eight feet high.

  Mill Race Trail (1.0 miles) - Completed October 2011. Meandering flat trail along the banks of the White Clay Creek. Part of the trail follows the abandoned Pomeroy and Newark Railroad bed which offers a gentle wide path for walking or running. At the northern end, the trail curves off the railroad bed and loops around the inside of a wide bend in the creek. It passes a tree stump, 3’ in diameter, which a beaver toppled and skirts an old dam used to power a mill a mile downstream. A long-term plan exists to build a bridge across the creek at the northern end and connect to emerging trail systems in Franklin and London Grove Townships. The trail is packed dirt along the creek and a mix of cinders and dirt on the railroad bed.

  Steamer Stop Trail (0.5 miles) - Completion TBD. Named for the railroad water stop at the northwestern corner, much of the trail will alternate between the abandoned railroad bed and the eastern bank of the White Clay Creek. A picnic area overlooking the flowing stream is planned for the southern end. Along the northern section hikers will be able see the remnants of the dam which supplied water for the railroad. A short connection will link the path to the Laurel Woods Trail and parking area.

  Billy Goat Trail (0.2 miles) - Completed October 2011. A descending winding trail that provides a connection to the Mill Race Trail from the five open parking spaces along Lavender Hill Road. Packed dirt surface.

  Additional trails will connect (Bridge 42) the Mill Race Trail to multi municipal trails in London Grove and FranklinTownship.

  Proposed trail through the beautiful west side of the White Clay Creek with access from Chandler Road.